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Why we refers to  the likeness and not the difference?

To learn how the model might undermine the rights of others.

What does OMAPI if a third person copy our models?

If the title of property is already issued: OMAPI makes no direct action but the certificate has legal value. If the case goes to court, OMAPI can be subpoenaed.

If the model is still on deposit stadium: it is necessary    to negotiate  with the infringer informing him that the model is already filed in OMAPI.

Once the design is registered , is us owner of the design ?

No, you will be after the certificate was issued, however, the protection runs from the date of the application filing.

How to recognize that ourcreation  has not yet subject of an application for registration?

You have to ask  an archive a consultation request to check by  yourself if a product would be similar to your model and to avoid infringing others’ rights .

What should we do if we find fakes of our industrial designs on the market?

The office will give you free legal advice if the fact exists. However, you can summon the infringer verbally while presenting your industrial property to cease its activity.

Otherwise you may give notice in writing of the alleged infringer. You may also expose the fact the economic police and / or bring a lawsuit on the purpose.