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What about the privacy of our inventions?

Since  the filing of your patent, the Office  is responsible only to examine it to  patentability’s  criteria and the legislation on patents in Madagascar. As  it is the role of the office, staff who will treat your application are bound by confidentiality of your invention.

What the Office do  for infringement of our industrial  property?

The Office remains an administrator  of Industrial Property. We  can not act beyond our  powers. Moreover, disputes relating to industrial property belong to a civil case liable to appeal to the court of first instance of infringement’s  spring place.

Moreover, the title of property have  a legal value.

What should we do if we perceive counterfeits of our industrial properties on the market?

The office provides free legal advice if the fact exists. However, you can verbally sowarm z the infringer while presenting your industrial property title to cease  its activity. In addition, a written warning may be done , or  you can expose the fact the economic police and or bring legal action on the fact.

Why the application processing period is long enough?

For patents only, as it is a functional aspect of an invention, the time to check the patentability  of the patent is quite long. It is only from the search results that we  can appreciate your invention.

The patent substantive examination depends on several parameters to take into account namely the availability of research results, the reviews after changes etc ...

We hace  some formula. How do I protect it?

We  does not protect a formula, his turn as a process or product will be patentable if the method meets the patentability criteria.